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your online information for local dogging locations!

Dogging has become more and more popular amongst young people and many of our swingers enjoy doggin and often post on our 'instant action' forum as to the chosen location for that evening's meet! Many also include doggin photos in their online profiles.

But one thing I've noticed is a amount of dogging websites coming online all offering information ofn the best dogging locations and to be honest having checked out a few and even paid for the premiun rate details most if not all arer CRAP

If your looking for UK dogging information and places to go to meet other doggers the only place is by asking couples, reading message boards & checking out the chatrooms. and all of those are avalable as members of young swingers. I've posted below direct links to the swingers profiles and some will have dogging details and wanting to arrange meets, others will just be couples looking for others - read dogging stories



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