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Wives watching husbands fuck!! then check out this free VOD sample

Cuckold wives!! WTF yep, its true we have cockold wives or more correct wife's that once want to their husbands FUCK

The saying / term cuckold normally refers to husbands that want to watch the Mrs taken some meat but now more & more wives want to watch and this story was sent in by a cuckold Wife wanting just that

These cuckold wives are from our members section - no fake photos have been used

We've been swingers for some years, yes we started very early as we both LOVE sex but have always played as a couple and recently while checking out some adult DVDs we watched a movie on cuckold husbands and my wife said she'd love to watch me fucking some hot girl while she either watched or maybe even got the video out and videoed us, needless to say I was more than up for this and lodged into the members section and changed our profile over to read this

Hot husband looking for single girls for fun. I'm 28 slim and not bad looking and pretty well endowed. As a couple we've been swingers for some years but now my wife wants to try being a cuckold wife and watch me fuck, so drop me a line if your interested. This is not for a threesome done that, got the T-shirt

I really didn't know how long it would take to get a response as as a couple we've always done pretty well getting good contacts but I know theirs always loads of horny guys just looking for single girls but maybe as we were now a cuckold wife couple we would get a good response.

Within a few days I'd had some replies, which I can understand considering how "HOT" I am LOL didn't surprise me, but none really turned me on well that was until Beckie dropped us a line , and if your a member make sure you search her out ( Beckie from Portsmouth, Hampshire) she was everything a guy could want, long blonde hair a body to die for and was even bisexual although at first it was just going to be me playing.

We arrange to met up and she was happy to come straight to our house as we'd chatted via webcam and phone and she felt pretty comfortable with us, so we arranged to meet. When she turned up she looked every bit the horny cow I'd seen on the photos and webcam but in real life all I wanted to do was take her straight upstairs and fuck her silly, but my wife wanted us all to chat for a while and "get to know each other" so we spent the first hour talking, but my wife could see the bulge in my pants and told Becky that we had better go upstairs

Once their see made sure Beckie was still cool about her being the cockold wife and just wanted to watch, maybe another day a threesome but for today she just wanted to watch, so we moved over to bed and I stripped beckie as that body needed to be fucked and I was the guy that going to do it ! was naked she laid back on the bed and I got her to hold her legs wide open showing her amazing shaved cunt and all I had on mind was getting my tong deep inside her cunt lips.

She was soaking wet and I was pushing my face deep into her and within a few minuets she was coming hard and was pulling my head deep into her cunt, after a while she realised her grip which was a bloody good job and my face was soaking with her cum juices and as I moved over I looked at my hot cuckold wife and could see she was loving watching as her legs where open and was fingering herself which the bitch also knew one of my biggest turn on's was watching girls masturbating.

Beckie moved over and started sucking on my cock and fuck was she good! going deep and taking it all the way back which was something I'd not had done for a while as my wife can't do that as it gags her but she still try's! As beckie was going deeper and harder I knew if she kept it up I'd cum in her mouth but she told me she loved drinking cum's loads back but I wanted to cum inside her cunt first and soak the bitch!!

I rolled her over onto her back pulled her legs up knowing my cuckold wife would be able to see right inside her cunt that was just before I pushed my cock deep into her, she took it all the way in and let out a big grown before wrapping her legs behind my back and pulling me deeper into her!. I was fucking her like crazy and could her the grown's coming from my wife that she was near to cumming as well which brought me right to the edge and I came along with Beckie.

I laid inside her for a while then slowly pulled my cock out making sure that my hotwife got a full shot of her creampie . We chatted for a while before starting again !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but next time round Beckie wants to play with my cuckold wife and reverse the roles - although me JUST watching while two girls fuck each other LOL yeah right ....................

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