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Bisexual basically means that you are happy to have sexual encounters with others of the same as well as the opposite sex and as a swingers it could be said that yoo "swing both ways"

A very high percentage of our swingers are bisexual with many more being bi-curious, who haven't actually tried it yet but are thinking about it! It is more common for a female to be actively bi-sexual but it is becoming more common for men to be 'trying' the other side as well.

Many of our young swinging couples are looking for bisexual singles to make up their threesomes, most of which are FFM with the two females giving each other most of the attention - let's face it that has to be one of the most common male fantasies, seeing two women playing together! However there are couples where the male is bisexual and a threesome would then consist of MMF.

Of course there are also young couples where both of them are bi and love getting together with other bi-couples for an evening of mix'n'match sexaul fun & games!

If you are just bi-curious and are not quite sure of how to take your first step forward then why not join with us and read through some of the profiles to get more idea of what people get up to and use our chatrooms to ask questions and get more comfortable with the whole idea before taking the plunge!

Links you may find useful:

So if you are bisexual or bi-curious sign up today and find lots of new sex contacts and other swingers for bi fun & games!



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